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The Career Colleges philosophy: Our mission is to help you find the best education option and career path for you. Whether you are a high school student, adult or veteran we believe everyone deserves a fulfilling education whether it be at a traditional four-year college, community college, online college, career college, certificate program or an apprenticeship program. We understand that higher education needs to fit your schedule and sometimes attending full-time is not an option. As a result we have included online programs and continuing education part-time program information.

In making a choice for your future there are a number of factors to take in to consideration in addition to your interests and aptitudes such as what fields of studies are available, where programs are offered, tuition cost, scholarships and financial aid, expected compensation, and the projected job market.

The Career Colleges is the ideal place to begin your college and career placement journey. You can either start by exploring career options by taking our quick career assessment or dive in to finding college programs.

How do you get started?

Students: Whether you are about to graduate from high school, looking for a career change, becoming certified in a trade, or looking for an enjoyable night class The Career Colleges has the information you want. You are able to search for schools of all types by field of study, degree, location, program length, or learning preference just to name a few. If you don't have anything particular in mind try taking our quick career assessment.

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