Guidance and Career Counselors

Keeping up with our spirit of having students reach their full potential and enjoy what they do in their career life, exploring and choosing a career path and fields of study require careful consideration. High school students have counseling available at their schools, but the ratio of students to counselors is rather high (400 to 1). Adults returning to work the force or adults looking to further their careers or adults looking to change their career may want career counseling help.

We encourage students to look for counselors and select one based on factors such as availability, credentials and rates.

Career counselors may be interested in helping students with the selection of careers, colleges or apprenticeships. They offer counseling full or part time. The Career Colleges encourages counselors to register with us and provide information on their specialty, availability, location and rates.

There are only so many hours in a school day, and it can be tough to assist a diverse student body in that time. The Career Colleges can provide you with the tools and information to let you provide individualized help to each and every one of your students. You will be able to feel good knowing that everyone you help has access to relevant information on the path that is right for them.