Why use The Career Colleges


Whether you are a high school student, adult or veteran exploring post-secondary options, you have landed on the correct website.

We provide you with options other than traditional four year colleges. Using The Career Colleges, you can get information on all possibilities without having to hop through multiple sites.

We offer a career assessment test and map the results of the test to possible careers. You can explore them to find the average compensation, what the job market will be, the required education and more.

While you are making a decision, if you would like to get career counseling we can match you with counselors in your local area.

When you have narrowed down your options to a specific set of colleges, we can contact them on your behalf without divulging your personal data such as name, phone number, email, and address. You can decide what information of yours that we should share with the colleges and when – information such as GPA, highest level of education, year of graduation etc. We can then forward you the information that we receive from colleges. Given that you only have time in the evenings and weekends and given that college admission offices are closed during that time, we being the conduit for communication would be very valuable. We can also free you from calls and other forms of contact from admission offices until you are ready.

Career Change/Advancement

Are you unhappy with your current job and looking for a career change? Maybe you're curious about the job out look and salary would be in a different field? Possibly you're looking to advance yourself further in your current career. The Career Colleges can provide you with those answers.

To suit your schedule, you may be interested in online courses or brick and mortar schools offering part time evening and weekend classes or even schools offering intense boot camps. We can provide you with information on those options.

As an example, if you are interested in courses related to web development, you may want to know what is out there both online and at nearby schools. You may want to compare the offerings regarding time of the classes, cost, and commuting distance. Using The Career Colleges, you can get the information you want without having to hop through multiple sites.